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Launch to Lift-Off

Take your community on a journey, create 
excitement & build momentum as you slowly launch to lift-off.
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You have a shiny new offer that brings renewed confidence to level up! 
Now is the time for action! This evolution MUST be celebrated & launched strategically.

That new website, podcast, product range, branding, ebook, download, shop or service that you have invested wholeheartedly is ready to be unleashed, it's time to start sprinkling the news, share your enthusiasm & reveal your unique offer.

To achieve launch glory requires tenacity, crafting your words & actioning each stage of your launch outlined in my presentation.

Lift-Off includes:

  • 25 min presentation outlining each stage of launch; framework, engaging design templates, implementation checklist & lift-off insights.

  • Workbook full find bite-size tasks from pre-launch, launch & beyond. I will guide you through the process & break down each task.

  • A suite of engaging templates designed by Jam Creatives [in Canva]. Reveal at key stages & customise using your brand colours, fonts & design assets.

  • Design Checklist. A detailed guide on where to share your offer across all channels, in print and online platforms. This provides guidance to implement consistently.

  • Lift-off Insights. Document the launch journey for impact, future opportunities.

Launch to Lift-Off from $60.

A tailored lift-off package is available which includes a suite of custom on-brand artwork. For further details enquire now.

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