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Design with purpose.


Hi, I’m Kelly, a colour-loving social butterfly, Brand Designer & founder of Jam Creatives based in Melbourne, Australia.


Jam is about creating standout brands for women who are ready to showcase their unique vibe. I get goosebumps knowing my designs bring confidence, build community & business growth. 

I believe the foundation of creating a strong brand story is to design with purpose, connection & authority. I take pride in guiding my clients on how best to implement their artwork across multi-channels. I work with community builders & creatives that make a difference in others' lives.

I LOVE building genuine relationships with expert copywriters, photographers, web developers & marketing specialists. 


I've had the pleasure to work with child psychologists, speech therapists, writers, an activewear brand, hairdressers, SEO specialists, optometrists, interior designers, music therapists, business coaches, an art school, dressmakers & more. [I smile listing them].

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Before launching my own business in 2017, I worked for various boutique & large corporate agencies for over 15 years on iconic brands locally and overseas.


The paperwork states I have a BA in Graphic Arts,

Dip of Industrial Edu at RMIT [Uni Lecturer].

Completed Instagram Intensive with The Digital Picnic.

Instagram Unpacked with Shall We Social. I'm always eager to learn & refine my services.


NOW is the time to make SWEET JAM!!! I’m so excited to create,

collaborate & explore with you.

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