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Harness the Power of Social Proof [on Brand].

Unleash the power of social proof to skyrocket your brand's success! By tapping into the opinions and experiences of your happy customers, you can give your business the ultimate credibility boost. So what is social proof? Testimonials, Google Reviews, emails, surveys, DM's, and conversations are all forms of social proof shared with you in formal and informal ways.

Testimonials are a rock-solid foundation of social proof. These real-life accounts of satisfied customers give potential leads insight into why they should work with you. Ask customers on the journey working with you or at the end, to share on socials or in your DMs, products, a task you inspired, WIP stories and more. Make sure you save this GOLD content and when possible ask for the original images/video and approved headshot of the happy client to showcase UGC in a more strategic way [on brand] across all your channels, not just social media.

Publish via Case studies in newsletters, website, welcome documents, landing pages, presentations and more, this all adds up to building trust and warming up new leads. I suggest you break down longer testimonials into bite-sized, easy-to-digest chunks for social media posts or carousels.

Online reviews are another crucial aspect of social proof that can help potential customers make informed decisions. Encourage customers to leave reviews by offering incentives and making it easy for them to do so by including links and QR codes in your follow-up messages. Remember to respond to both positive and negative feedback professionally and promptly.

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool that allows your customers to become your brand advocates. Encourage them to share their experiences by sending images directly to you when shy or socially sharing, tagging, and using branded GIFs and hashtags. Publish this UGC across all channels at the most appropriate times. Not forgetting you can reshare content also.

The above image showcases how I have used testimonials on my website homepage.

I have also used these in my Brand proposal document and on social posts, and stories.

Lastly, highlight any awards, certifications, events or industry recognition your brand has received to reinforce your expertise and authority. Do this by sharing visuals and the story behind it across multiple channels. No one is going to pump your tyers for you, you need to be your own biggest cheerleader and share the wins, effort and heart you have servicing your customers.

The above image showcases how I have used testimonials on socials with or without client image always on brand. On my website, I have included links to Google reviews.

So, don't miss out on the power of social proof to take your brand to new heights. By authentically showcasing positive experiences, you can build trust and credibility, driving customer loyalty and brand growth!


11 Must-do Social Proof tips.

1. Send clients a link to Google biz pg at the end of a project. Make it as easy to get there.

2. Ask clients for permission to use a photo with a testimonial for social proof.

3. Design testimonials on brand to share as post & story format, collate in a testimonial highlight & tag businesses involved.

4. Testimonials can be used in carousel posts with samples of service, products in other slides, sharing the client journey.

5. Add testimonials to website in several locations.

6. Encourage clients to share testimonials on their socials.

7. Add 5 star testimonials to your email signature.

8. Make a creative reel with customer testimonials & share project details in the caption.

9. If the testimonial is lengthy share the standout sentence for impact when designing graphics.

10. Share testimonials on socials on a regular basis.

11. Add testimonials to lead-magnet, welcome packs, presentations and more.

Join Jam Bam for more tips on how to elevate your brand.


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