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FREE spaces to elevate your biz today! A brand designers perspective.

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Social advertising can elevate business through Organic Marketing. Extend customer reach, improve SEO & lift customer conversion. From a Brand Designer perspective, this is an area that is highly underrated by small biz & needs attention.

So what is Organic Marketing? It's networking, reviews, word of mouth that is raw & authentic. It’s the FREE places/spaces online waiting for you to insert 'social advertisements' about your biz. There are many opportunities to share who you are, what you're about, what sets you apart with a call to action, gaining greater exposure without it costing a dollar.

Design social ads to Facebook ad dimensions. I recommend including details on service & solutions with a photo for connection, branding & website. Check out My social Graphics packs & I can create these for you.

Where are these FREE spaces to advertise?

Google my business page [place ads in image/services offered sections] include a website link. This is GOLD! For a greater reach in traffic to a website, new followers & improve SEO. [Side note] add biz images & client reviews, the more you add, the greater traction.

  • Online community groups. Post ads [when appropriate]. This gives you space to chat & inc web link, with no hard sell. Members can save the ad. They have you on file & possibly following.

  • Your newsletter. Your community needs to know what services you're known for, it's not always obvious. [I recommend every 3rd newsletter]

  • Networking membership - A platform to share what you're about to a like-minded community looking for quality services [Free or paid].

  • Linkedin profile [place ads in features & about sections] Drives traffic & improves SEO.

  • Pinterest account [Profile, Pins, Publish inc web link] Drives traffic & improves SEO.

  • Facebook Banner - Change it up occasionally, promoting a service.

  • Facebook 'About' section, you can include visuals.

  • Facebook & Instagram posts [be strategic when posting with the time of day & how often in your feed].

  • Instagram stories. A perfect opportunity when a cluster of new followers come onboard or follow a high viewing story you have shared.

  • Reels - Share your biz offering in a creative way [under 30secs] reaching a much wider audience.

  • Business support groups. When a question is asked relevant to your field, [but promoting isn't allowed] send a DM introduction with your ad & web link.

  • Website [Not the right fit for every biz].

  • Blog posts [include space for ad] . Drives traffic & improves SEO.

  • Ask relative Industry experts to share your service, experience working together with their audience.

  • Participate in a podcast, sharing your knowledge/service to a new audience [supply tailored ad for promoting].

Stay connected at Jam Bam as I share design tips, exclusive offers, small biz life & a few design freebies without the BS.


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